About Butyl Tape Applications

Butyl, in its various formats, offers significant versatility in use, and has application in a variety of industries.

In its most obvious form, it appears in tapes of assorted widths and thicknesses, and is a highly successful method of bonding together membranes for both building base and roofing applications.

The Heating and Ventilation market has found this product to be preferable to other methods of sealing flanges on ducting, due mainly to its ease of application, solvent free formulation, longevity, and large joint movement capability.

In bead form, it finds effective uses in both the glazing and horticultural industries, while the caravan industry use it for sealing outer skins and around mouldings.

Construction companies involved with the tunnelling industry need a material they can “fit and forget”. The requirement is for exceptional water sealing properties coupled with longevity, and will typically have an exceptionally large profile, up to 40mm thick and 120mm wide. For many in this field, butyl is the preferred solution.

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