About STP

Specialist Technical Products Ltd is an established company formed in 2001 which is rich in expertise, collectively totalling several decades.

Through its continued success, in 2011 STP invested in a new purpose built manufacturing facility still located in Winsford to retain its experienced workforce and increased production capacity to maintain its short production lead times to customers which is a highly important requirement to many of the markets it supplies.

And we don’t just stock shelves with a standard range of everyday products. We have a  friendly, team dedicated to providing exactly what the customer wants from his butyl tape requirements.

What we manufacture and produce is not necessarily everyday, but bespoke, to meet the varying requirements of our wide and ever increasing customer base. “Yes”, of course we have a standard range of butyl tapes, but we can adapt standard formulations to meet any application that the customer has a need for.

Don’t see a colour you like? We pride ourselves on being able to replicate any colour that may be required. Is it too “sticky”, or not “sticky” enough? We can produce what you want. We can adapt to width, thickness, and even profile, to meet particular requirements. We can produce small samples, trial quantities, and major manufacturing runs.

Is packaging a particular consideration? Here at STP, we pioneered bespoke packaging. We pioneered putting the customers name on every roll of tape, every box it is packed in. We pioneered incorporating the customer’s logo and colours on our manufactured goods, thus reflecting and advertising the customer’s identity.

Key to our end products is the Ethos of Quality that ensures all our finished products reflect the pride Specialist Technical Products Ltd have in their range of butyl tapes and associated products. Strict procedures, coupled with a standard checking system  all backed up with random quality checks and full traceability of all materials, ensures each item offered to the customer is of a quality second to none.

And we don’t just comply with the technical requirements a customer may have. If the customer has a change of requirement with regard to order quantities, or delivery scheduling, or even delivery address, then we are happy to oblige. These are every day changes we take in our stride. So we don’t let customers down.

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