Case Study

Case Study 1

A new client identified a need for a superior sealant for the windows of earth moving equipment operating in a particularly hostile
environment. Working with the customer, the R&D department at STP have been successful in producing a butyl tape product which far exceeded the client’s expectations, and within a comparatively short time scale.

Appropriate production requirements were initiated, and completed orders delivered shortly afterwards.

Case Study 2

A European client had an urgent requirement for a product dedicated to the automotive industry. Following an accelerated development program over days, not weeks, the client was pleased to approve the new product.

Pallet quantities were then produced and delivered next day to a European address.

Case Study 3

A major user of butyl tape had the misfortune to be let down by his usual supplier. The requirement was for a particular type of product, which STP fast-tracked through their R&D, producing samples that met the client’s specifications.

Orders for pallet quantities followed, all delivered to the client’s delivery schedule, and to the various addresses detailed by the client. On-going product development over the years has led to a range of superior butyl tapes with enhanced “grab”, in a variety of colours, and packaged in a way that fully reflects the client’s corporate indentity. This on-going process helps meet changing market and promotional requirements, and has resulted in a very strong supplier/customer relationship, with the customer confident that his requirements will always be met.

Development of this nature has been achieved, not just with this client, but also with a number of others, by having a continuing dialogue, exploring needs and aspirations, and being prepared to go that extra mile in ensuring clients get what they want.

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